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10-0 overall, 5-0 league

424 PF, 115 PA

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Newspaper Articles
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2008 Schedule
2008 Schedule
Opponent W/L US THEM
La Salle W 47 21
WC Henderson W 42 0
at McDonogh (Md.) W 34 15
Salesianum (Del.) W 47 21
Episcopal Academy W 53 8
Haverford School W 43 0
Gtn. Academy W 56 23
at Penn Charter W 55 21
at Chestnut Hill W 18 0
SJ Prep W 34 27
2008 Malvern Prep Friars Football Team Captains

2008 Malvern Prep Friars Football Team

Seniors James Connelly, Joe Price, CJ Mooney, Billy Conners

# Name Las WCH McD Sal EA HS GA PC CH SJP Totals
19 James Connelly 17-96 6-84 8-43 9-58 10-101 9-89 3-81 9-139 14-75 13-87 98-862
1 Neil Willis 10-93 7-107 14-74 6-16 10-99 11-73 3-65 8-49 14-81 11-42 94-699
2 Rob McCabe 4-21 1-2 7-63 3-54 2-8 4-14 1-40 2-3 24-205
22 Wally Spencer 3-21 1-66 1-8 2-11 4-82 11-188
5 Billy Conners 5-25 3-3 6-75 10-21 3-7 11-4 8-42 46-177
6 Bobby Hill 5-31 1-(-2) 3-23 1-2 1-3 2-4 46-177
21 Michael Bolte 1-3 5-28 3-11 2-1 11-43
7 Jerry Stark 2-6 5-40 1-0 1-(-2) 9-44
45 Bob Scaramuzza 2-6 3-3 6-26 3-9 14-44
40 Ryan Stroh 2-12 3-21 5-33
9 Chase Gunther 1-4 2-(-2) 2-5 1-8 2-(-2) 7-13
26 David Posillico 1-5 1-5
15 Joe Price 1-3 1-3
31 Tom Keefer 1-2 1-2
32 Dan Flynn 1-1 1-1
39 Ryan Sheridan 1-0 1-0
Chris Feeney 1-1 1-(-5) 2-(-4)
# Name Las WCH McD Sal EA HS GA PC CH SJP Totals
5 Bill Conners 9-11 3-4 10-13 7-8 3-5 6-9 3-4 5-6 9-13 15-23 70-96




















9 Chase Gunther 1-4 0-2 1-6






12 Michael Dougherty 1-1 1-1



# Name Las WCH McD Sal EA HS GA PC CH SJP Totals
15 Joe Price 4-171 2-57 7-149 5-126 1-10 2-43 1-36 3-107 4-59 7-172 36-939
4 James Connelly 3-39 1-11 1-18 1-11 2-25 1-8 1-5 10-171
2 Rob McCabe 1-3 1-19 1-5 1-27 5-64 9-118
1 Neil Willis 1-9 1-24 3-83 1-52 3-57 9-225
42 CJ Mooney 1-33 1-17 1-11 1-22 2-27 6-110
6 Bobby Hill 1-33 1-33
88 1-16 1-16
# Name Las WCH McD Sal EA HS GA PC CH SJP Totals
1 Neil Willis 12 24 6 6 20 26 12 12 118
15 Joe Price 12 12 12 6 18 18 78
4 James Connelly 6 6 12 6 6 12 12 60
5 Billy Conners 12 24 6 6 48
17 Mark Tiberi 5 6 2 6 5 3 4 7 4 42
2 Rob McCabe 6 8 2 6 22
42 CJ Mooney 6 6 2 6 20
22 Wally Spencer 6 6 6 18
21 Michael Bolte 6 6
45 Bob Scarmuzza 6 6
6 Bobby Hill 6 6
(Number next to name indicates TD passes)
NO. Name Rush Rec KO Pt Int F/Ret F/Rec 2-R 2-P K FG Totals
1 Neil Willis 13 3 2 1 2 118
15 Joe Price 13 78
4 James Connelly 9 1 60
5 Billy Conners (19) 7 1 48
17 Mark Tiberi 42 42
2 Rob McCabe 2 1 2 22
42 CJ Mooney 2 1 1 20
22 Wally Spencer 3 18
21 Michael Bolte 1 6
45 Bob Scaramuzza 1 6
6 Bobby Hill 1 6
9 Chase Gunther (1)
# Name Las WCH McD Sal EA HS GA PC CH SJP Totals
5 Billy Conners 1 1 1 2 5
2 Rob McCabe 2 1 3
21 Michael Bolte 1 1 2
6 Bobby Hill 1 1
7 Jerry Stark 1 1
18 Andrew Layne 1 1
1 Neil Willis 1 1
2008 Malvern Prep Friars Football Team Captains


TOP L to R- Nick Cerone, Ian Michell, Gamp, Sellsy

MIDDLE L to R- Kevin Pellegrini, The Jet, EJ Moyer, Joe Forte

BOTTOM L to R- Paul Pellegrini, Kevin Whitney, Pete Mercuri

2008 Roster
2008 Roster
1 Neil Willis RB/DB 5'10 175 12
2 Rob McCabe RB/LB 6'2 210 12
3 Mike Mayock WR/DB 160 180 12
4 James Connelly RB/DB 5'11 180 12
5 Billy Conners QB/DB 5'11 175 12
6 Bob Hill RB/DB 5'8 160 11
7 Jerry Stark FB/LB 6'0 210 12
8 Sean Gordon RB/DB 5'9 165 10
9 Chase Gunther QB/DB 6'1 180 11
10 Chris O'Brien QB/DB 5'11 170 10
12 Michael Dougherty QB/S 6'4 155 10
14 Joe Rava WR/CB 6'0 160 10
15 Joe Price WR/DB 6'3 185 12
16 Jeff Schulte QB/DB 6'0 170 11
17 Mark Tiberi K 6'3 200 11
18 Andrew Layne WR/DB 5'10 160 12
20 David Dones WR/DB/K 6'0 175 11
21 Michael Bolte RB/S 6'1 183 10
22 Wally Spencer RB/CB 5'8 150 11
23 Colin Newby WR/DB 5'9 155 11
24 Michael Brown WR/DB 5'9 140 10
25 Brian Swanick WR/DB 5'9 155 10
26 David Posillico RB/DB 5'8 151 10
27 Chris Dallas-Feeney RB/DB 5'7 150 11
31 Tom Keefer RB/DB 6'0 175 12
32 Dan Flynn WR/DB 5'10 165 11
34 Matt Clary TE/LB 6'2 215 12
36 Brian Partlow RB/LB 5'10 175 11
37 Keith Dreyer WR/S 5'9 145 10
38 Jules Shortt FB/LB 5'6 184 12
39 Ryan Sheridan RB/DB 5'10 167 10
40 Ryan Stroh FB/LB 5'10 180 10
41 Sean Walsh WR/LB 6'0 180 11
42 CJ Mooney TE/DE 6'4 235 12
45 Bob Scaramuzza RB/LB 5'8 195 10
46 Jeff Teti RB/LB 5'4 150 10
47 Connor Burke OL/DL 5'10 140 10
49 Andrew Manning OL/DL 6'2 170 10
50 Christian Aguilar OL/DE 5'11 164 12
52 Bobby Panchisin OL/DL 6'2 280 12
53 Michael Galantino TE/DE 6'1 170 10
54 Dave Umile OL/DE 6'3 240 12
55 Cristian Green OL/DE 5'10 190 11
58 Luke Stanish OL/DL 6'4 230 11
59 Jack Moran OL/DL 5'10 220 11
60 William Cavalieri OL/DL 5'9 180 11
62 Mike McCorkle G/DE 5'11 245 12
64 Matther Devlin OL/DE 5'11 205 12
66 Joseph DiTrolio OL/DL 5'10 245 11
70 Sean Ferguson OL/DL 6'4 340 12
71 Kevin Quinn OL/DL 6'0 230 11
72 Tyler O'Connell OL/DL 6'0 230 10
74 Jack Street T/DT 5'11 194 10
77 Chris Burton OL/LB 5'11 180 10
78 Paul Ryan OL/DL 6'1 280 12
82 Sean Mooney TE/DE 6'6 225 10
83 Carl Nassib TE/DE 6'2 180 10
87 Tom Bruder WR/DB 5'10 145 10
88 Jack Devine TE/DL 5'11 205 11
12008 Malvern Prep Friars Football Team

Got to do this 10 times that year. None better than the last one after the Prep game on Thanksgiving. I am sure all of you either out loud or in your head just started saying rooster, rooster rooster…. Go ahead, admit it. Some of you might have said the entire cheer.

And we kicked their…… YES YOU DID!



**Billy Conners- QB/DB LEAGUE MVP**

Mike McCorkle, Matt Devlin, Bobby Panchisin- Offensive Line

Joe Price- Receiver

Neil Willis, James Connelly- Running Back


Joe DiTrolio, CJ Mooney- Defensive Line

Rob McCabe- Linebacker


2ND team

Bobby Panchisin-OL

CJ Mooney- DL

Billy Conners- Specialist


Bobby Panchisin- Offensive Line

Joe Price- Receiver

CJ Mooney- Defensive Line

Billy Conners- Defensive Back

2nd Team

Neil Willis RB

3rd Team

Rob McCabe LB, James Connelly RB

Honorable Mention- Mike McCorkle OL


Billy Conners DB


Bobby Panchisin Offensive Line

Joe Price Receiver

CJ Mooney Defensive Line

Billy Conners Defensive Back


I chose not list the names because their format changed. The best players on the Main Line were not listed. It was the best three players on a team. When someone like CJ Mooney, an All-Decade All Inter-Ac player is named 2nd team you know the selection process lacks credibility



I have covered and previously talked about various aspects of the 2008 team. They were the last team of Gamp’s unbelievable and legendary coaching career. Some might say, you always save the best to the last. What a way to go out! Timing is everything and at this time in 2008 I was coaching the freshman team at Malvern. I had the chance to watch this team up close in practice and in games. I also had the pleasure of watching my nephew, who was the starting center, play every game. With a school record 424 points and 42 points a game I might steal a phrase and say these guys were the “greatest show on turf”. What amazed me the most over the course of the season was how they scored points in bunches. One minute they were up 7-0, then you blinked and 8 minutes later they are in the mercy rule at 35-0. They could score quickly and just flat out bury teams and bury they did! The teams they played always seemed to be in the game, then poof, they were not.

For example

1. LaSalle 42-21 final. 21-0 1st 10 minutes, 35-14 at half. LaSalle went 9-3 beat SJP 2x and won the PCL. LaSalle was no slouch. Not a bad way to start and a definite preview for the year.

2. Henderson 35-0 mercy rule at half. 42-0 final.

3. McDonogh- 34-15 final. Gamp gets thrown out of the game. A funny story for a different time. No biggie. Joe Sells takes over. Same result.

4. Sallies 28-0 at half 42-0 mercy rule final. Only time all year Sallies were shut out.

5. EA- 27-8 at half, 53-8 mercy rule final. EA finished 7-3

6. HS- 23-0 at half, 43-0 mercy rule final. HS finished 7-3.

7. GA- 56-14 mercy rule and 56 points at half. Yes, 56 points at half time. 56-23 final. GA actually scored 1st. MP then rips off 56 straight.

8. PC- 47-7 mercy rule at half. I remember Tiberi almost breaking their scoreboard because he kept forcefully banging the extra points off of it. Surprised that he didn’t break it. Final 55-21

9. CHA- 18-0 final. Go figure. Only 18 points. I will say rain, sloppy field and selective yellow flags had an impact. CHA finished 7-4.

10. MP 34- SJP 27. Most of you know the SJP story. This game was covered in a previous Carey’s Corner article. My thoughts on the slow start of the SJP game. MP played CHA Nov 8. The Thanksgiving game with the Prep was Nov 24, 16 days between starts. 4 of 5 IA games were mercy rule, with 2 being mercy at halftime. The 1st team barely played the last 6 weeks of the season. They just needed a half to get their motors warmed up. And yes, they certainly did that in the 2nd half. One of the best, most entertaining high school games I have ever watched.

3 games mercy rule at half

3 games mercy rule in the 3rd.

MP has scored 50 or 60 points 14x since 1950 (Carey’s Corner- By the Numbers). This team did it 3x, once by half time! It is realistic to think they could have scored 50 against LaSalle, Henderson, Salesianum and Haverford School. That would have been 7 out of 10 games. Now that would have been a category! I honestly think if Gamp had left the starters in, this team would have scored 70 on more than one occasion.

I figure that the 1st team played less than 30 quarters on the year. If the starters stayed in to pad their stats it would have been obscene. Joe Price would definitely have become Malvern’s 1st 1000 yard receiver. That would have been 3 more catches for him. He only needed 61 yards. That said, Joe finished 1st in the city rankings (Catholic, Public and Inter-Ac schools) in TD catches and yards per completion; 2nd in total yards. Jimmy Connelly would have been a 1000 yard rusher. He needed 13 more yards a game. Thats 2 carries each game for him. Billy Conners probably would have thrown for 2000 yards. He only needed to complete, on average 2 more passes per game. On the year Billy finished 2nd in the City behind Drew Loughery of LaSalle in yards and TDs. Drew threw for 1100 more yards and 6 more TDs but threw the ball 262 times to reach those stats. Billy did all his damage in ONLY 96 throws and usually by half time, middle 3rdQ at the latest. Not to be left out of the stat parade, Neil Willis was 3rd in the city in points per game with 12.7.

Did I mention that James was captain of Delaware’s lacrosse team and Billy won a national title in lacrosse at Duke? Football was actually their second sport. Neil wrestled and played lacrosse. Joe was a sprinter on the track team. The multi-sport athlete strikes again.

Yeah, these guys were loaded and I have only mentioned 4 players.


These guys gave up 11 points a game. The games were frequently over so early that the reserves got major quality playing time against the opponents 1st team. Gamp and his staff had no problem going deep into the bench in most of the games. There were multiple games where the entire roster got on the field. More often than not when Gamp and his staff pulled the starters the other team left their 1st teamers in while they attempted to make the final score more respectable. It really didn’t help that much. The average margin of victory was 31.4 points a game. Everyone played, everyone played a lot, and your team still only gave up a little over a TD a game. That is impressive.

1st game of the season was against LaSalle, a year in year out dominant Catholic League team. The Explorers are always a very good team. They are well coached and stocked with quality players on their roster. This was going to be a very good early season test for the Friars. The Explorers had smoked Plymouth Whitemarsh in their opener 45-0. How close was this game going to be? It was over in 10 minutes and a point way from a mercy rule game. 21-0 at the end of the 1st Q, 35-14 at half, 41-14 at the end of 3rd Q, 48-14 before Lasalle scored a meaningless TD at the end with their starting RB still in the game against MP reserves. On the day the Malvern D gave up a net 19 yards on 25 rushes and wreaked havoc on QB Loughery, sacking him 5 times and forcing 2 interceptions by stud LB Rob McCabe. LaSalle averaged 31 points on the year. MP 1st team D held them to 14. Guess everyone found out really quick how good these guys were going to be.

Next up was Henderson. I know these guys well and I almost had to feel sorry for them. 35-0 at half. Game totals for Henderson 47 plays for 134 yards total, 2.8 yards per play. Hendy had two plays for 54 yards. Take them out and that would be 80 yards on 45 plays, 1.8 yards per play. Ouch. Sallies was more of the same. Salesianum had a total of 106 yards on the day, 84 in the 1st half. Mercy rule took over early in the 3rd but not before defensive end CJ Mooney picked up a fumble and sprinted across the goal line for 6. CJ was a tight end and defensive end. Sprint is an appropriate verb. If it had been someone like Fergie, Joe D, Mike McCorkle, Matt “Dev Dog” Devlin or Dave Umile the word rumbled would have been used. CJ was legit big skill.

Malvern rolled into the Inter-Ac schedule at 4-0 and holding those 4 opponents to a slim 9 points a game. Look out IA here they come. EA took their shot 1st. They came in undefeated and averaging 29.8 in their first 5 wins. So much for undefeated. They missed their average by 21.8 points and left with a 5-1 record. A Jerry Stark interception contributed to a solid defensive effort.

The second IA contest was Haverford School. Sportswriters got this one wrong, not even close, wrong. According to them it was supposed to be a showdown between two top teams in the IA. Haverford School came in with the 3rd highest scoring offense in Delco with 29.6 a game. Even though the reporters were wrong, Haverford School QB Dan Judge got it right. He said, “They were stifling”. The Fords left the game 29.6 points short. They had a net 69 yards on 45 plays on the day. Even if I didn’t count the sack yards it was still only 99 yards for the game. Like Loughery from LaSalle, Judge finished with a very dirty uniform having gotten sacked 6 times- McCabe got 1 and CJ Mooney got 2. In the end Mike Murphy Haverford HC said “ We had to play perfect or near perfect to win and we didn’t”. You think the Malvern D had something to do with that?

Penn Charter and GA scored 23 and 21 points and you are probably thinking what happened to the MP defense? Well, nothing actually. PC had 48 yards rushing in the game and scored 7 against the 1st team, 48-7 at half. Gamp pulls the starters and PC throws 30 times until the end of the game and scores 2 TDs against the reserves. GA more of the same. They did manage 134 yards in passing. 4 completions for 64 to the GA receivers and 2 completions for 70 was to Malvern players McCabe and Willis. Rob had a 30 yard pick 6 and Neil a 40 yard pick 6. Have to give GA some props. They did have 14 at half. Only problem was Malvern had 56. I have to admit to be hazy on this one. MP was up 56-7 before GA’s last score in the 1st half. Because the game was so out of hand so early I do not remember if Gamp pulled the starters in the 2nd quarter. I do know the 9 points in the 2nd half were against the rest of the squad. Either way the end result was a rout.

The defense closed out CHA and the Inter-Ac for the title. CHA came in averaging 23.3 points and around 280 yards of offense. Like Haverford did in a previous game the Hillers were unable to match their 23.3 points. It was the only time CHA was shut out all year. Stud RB Ibrahaim Campbell had scorched previous opponents for 23 TDs and 168 yard rushing average. The MP defense held him to 85 yard and no TDs. The boys held CHA to 156 total yards overall on 42 plays. In the game Billy Conners decided to beat them with his defensive skill. He scored on a 70 yard fumble return and had an interception to stall another CHA drive. Another IA title in the books. It was Gamp’s final IA win, his 97th and his 16th outright title. That is amazing.


Billy Conners was a defensive back and back up QB to Ryan Nassib in 2007. His season stats were 4 rushes for 36 yards and he threw one pass and it was incomplete. With 8 starters back on offense there were some folks wondering if Billy could step in and contribute. In his first test as a starting QB against LaSalle all Conners did was go 9-11 for 185 yards and 3 TDs and added two rushing TDs on top of that. Wonder no more folks. The fatties up front controlled the line of scrimmage as MP rushed for 275 yards as they totally dismantled the Explorers (467 yards of total offense). The trio of Connelly, Willis and McCabe accounted for 210 of those yards on 31 totes. All Joe Price did was catch 4 balls for 177 yards (29.3 average) and 2 TDs. LaSalle was down 21-0 before they even realized the game had started. These guys scored quickly and in bunches.

The “Greatest Show on Turf” was just beginning to roll.

Joe Walsh, head coach of Henderson got it right in game two of the season. “These guys have too many weapons. They have 3 backs that can go the route. We thought we could slow them down”. Nope, nobody did. FB James Connelly 8.7 yards a carry, Neil Willis 7.4 yards a carry and Rob McCabe 8.5 yards a carry. This trio combined for 24TDs and 1766 yards on the year. Not a bad effort considering how little they played. On this day Willis and Connelly combined for 189 yards. Rob McCabe made the best of his one touch and scored. Neil added three rush TDs of his own. Conners only threw 4 passes. He didn’t need to.

MP had a long bus ride down to McDonogh for the next game. In the end McDonogh probably wished their bus had broken down. Different team but the stat line is developing a distinct pattern. The running back trio totaled 180 yards and 2 TDs, Conners goes 10-13 for 193 yards and 3 TDS. Joe Price lights up the McDonogh secondary with 7 catches, 149 yards and 2 TDs. Tight End CJ Mooney adds icing on the cake converting his only catch into a 17 yard TD.

Ditto the Sallies. MP scores 42. Willis and Connelly combine for 3 TDs and Billy completes 7 of 8 for 169 yards and 2 TDs. If you have been paying attention you already can figure out who caught the 2 TDs. Price had TD catches of 9 and 66 yards and totaled 125 yards on 5 catches.

Was the Inter-Ac ready for these guys? Did they know what they were up against? I think they knew MP looked good on film. What they all came to realize was the film actually lied. They were even better in real time. These guys were loaded.

MP opened the IA against Episcopal or should I say, 1st victim. Even though the Friars were coming in at 4-0, there were still some folks out there that thought teams had a shot. Reporters missed badly again. The Inquirer stated in their pregame prediction “ The high flying Churchmen have a chance to make a big statement against the Inquirer’s #2 team in SEPA. Final score 35-13”. Maybe that was a typo? Maybe he meant to say 53? Billy Conners response 6 carries and 5 TDs of 12,6,1,1,48 yards. The Friars as a whole, 20 carries 8 TDs. Final 53-8. The prognosticator was close with 35. Malvern got that early in the 3rd. On the day the big boys up front paved the way for 251yards. If you are into yards per carry, that would be 12.5 yards every time a Malvern player ran the ball. So much for predictions. Did I mention these guys scored quickly and in bunches?

GA was next and if you can believe it, GA outscored the Friars 9-0 in the 2nd half. Huh? How is that possible? How could anyone shutdown the Friars? There is a saying that there are two halves to a football game and the 1st half ended at 56-14. GA scored 1st and last and Malvern only scored their 56 in between, by HALF. Explosive comes to mind. On the day 270 yards rushing on 27 carries . Willis 3 carries 2 TDs. Connelly 3 carries 2 TDs; a Connelly TD of 70 yards and a Willis TD of 55 yards. As a trio Willis, McCabe and Connelly had 7 touches for 186 yards and 5 TDs. I mean, seriously?

The only good thing about the Penn Charter game for Penn Charter was it was a home game for them and they did not have to endure a long bus ride to MP. MP rang up 55 at Penn Charter. I have been to some very tight games and some very crazy games at Penn Charter over the years. This was NEITHER. They should have scored 56 but I think Tiberi’s leg got tired from kicking off and kicking extra points. The Friars scored 8 times with 5 of them being, 33,48,60,62 and 65 yards. Receiver Joe Price and QB Billy Conners put on a show. Price had 3 receptions for 3 TDs that were the “you can’t catch me” kind of receptions. On the day Conners threw 6 times, completed 5…… wait for it….. for 244 yards…..wait for it… the 1st half. My calculator says that 48.8 yards a reception. If my calculator could talk it would say “That number does not compute”. Billy was in double chunk territory. Joe Price’s TDs were for 48, 60 and 62. The other completions were to Willis for 52 and one to CJ for 22. Let me re- summarize- 5-6 244 yards 3TDs in the 1st half. Pretty efficient don’t you think? And no, I did not forget James Connelly. He is probably reading this and saying hey, I had a pretty good game too. Yes he did. James ran 9 times for 139 yards and 2 TDs. He had the 33 yarder. Just like Billy, James did all his damage in the 1st half. At 15.4 yards a carry that is some real damage. In all, the 1st half 1st team mauling looked like this- 432 yards of offense on 23 plays- 18.7 per play and 7 TDs on 23 plays. That’s a TD every 3 plays. Repeat after me, these guys scored quickly and in bunches.

For a great recap, complete with stats, of the MP vs SJP Thanksgiving game please click on the article 2008 Ted Silary celebration page…


The “Greatest Show on Turf” was led by my big fatties up front. The 1st team ran for 31 TDs and threw for 19 TDs. They amassed 3,452 yards on 358 plays for the year. That is 50 TDs on 358 plays, 9.6 yards per play and a TD every 7 plays. I have to use caps to emphasize- 9.6 YARDS A PLAY AND A TD EVERY 7 PLAYS………….. I did a deliberate pause here so you can let those stats sink in. Center Matt Devlin, guards Mike McCorkle and Joe DiTrolio and tackles Dave Umile and Bobby Panchisin were as solid and dominating interior 5 as you would ever see on the football field of Malvern Prep. These guys might have changed the definition of ‘big skill”. Add honorary big fatty TE CJ Mooney and it was almost unfair. It helps when CJ is listed at 6’4, 235 pounds and can move. I would also add RB Rob McCabe as an honorary fatty too. Rob made the most of his 24 touches on the year. His 8.5 yards a carry made him a season chunker (Carey’s Corner definition). McCabe was an efficient runner but was an even better blocker. I could probably do an entire article on his linebacking skill. He was the guy who helped set the edge on run plays. If I have Rob McCabe on a wing behind CJ Mooney at TE, I am going to say that combination is going to be very effective. And it was! Great job all around my big fatties.


Mark Tiberi handled the kicking duties- punts, kick offs and extra points. Punts not much practice at all but kick offs and extra points, tons of practice. On the year as a team, the Friars scored 62 times. Busy man on kick offs. Mark also added 42 extra points. That number ranks him #1 all time for extra points in a season for Malvern. Other special teams points were added by multi-everything Neil Willis. Neil had two punt return TDs . One was against GA and one was against Henderson. Why did I call him multi-everything? His 2008 total stat line read like this: 94 rushes 699 yards and 13 TDs, 9 catches for 225 yards and 3 TDs, 2 punt returns for TDs, 1 interception for a TD and last but not least 2- 2 point conversions. The team scored 424 points. Neil had 118 of them. Offensively he scored a TD every 6.4 touches and every time he touched the ball his average was 8.9 yards. I think multi-everything is a pretty good description of Neil’s football talents.


And as I will do with all the highlighted teams, one last roll call of the seniors in their very special season.

Rob McCabe, Neil Willis, James Connelly, Billy Conners, Mike Mayock, Jerry Stark, Joe Price, Andrew Layne, Tom Keefer, Matt Clary, Jules Shortt, CJ Mooney, Christian Aguilar, Bobby Panchisin, Dave Umile, Mike McCorkle, Matt Devlin, Sean Ferguson, Paul Ryan. What a group! You guys had a season to remember. It is a very difficult test to try and go undefeated and your 2008 team passed the test with flying colors.

Front Row L to R- Joe Maguire, Brian Wall, Steve Sullivan, Mike Ciesieski, Kevin Bradley, Vince Friedel, Bob McEvoy Back Row L to R- David Orr, Mike Laino, Mike Burke, Jim Marino
Seniors CJ Mooney, Billy Conners, James Connelly, Joe Price were shown above in the Captain’s pic. These were the remaining 15 seniors with their “mug shots”

Seniors CJ Mooney, Billy Conners, James Connelly, Joe Price were shown above in the Captain’s pic. These were the remaining 15 seniors with their “mug shots”

1 Malvern Prep 10-0
2 North Penn 14-1
3 Neshaminy 12-2
4 Garney Valley 12-1
5 West Catholic 14-2
6 Washington 10-2
7 LaSalle 9-3
8 Judge 9-3
9 St. Joe Prep 10-0
10 Archbishop Wood 12-3

There are multiple rankings out there but in the end I think this is the one that matters most. To put these teams and this ranking into perspective here is some background. As you know MP beat LaSalle and SJP. Both those teams beat Judge. LaSalle beat West Catholic and SJP twice but lost to Washington 23-14. Wood lost to West Catholic and both Wood and West Catholic just missed a state title. SJP only lost to North Penn by a score of 23-14. I am guessing too that most people forget that LaSalle went 14-1 in 2009 and won the state title.

Caught all your games and you guys were fun to watch. You lived up to the title “Greatest Show on Turf”. Congrats !

Brothers forever.


Thanks to my nephew, Matt Devlin, for supplying me the Senior Day October 11, 2008 photo memory book.

Gamp walked the sidelines of MP for 31 years. There were quite a few teams that got close but only 4 ran the table and went undefeated. That puts each of these teams in a special category. The more I researched, the more I came to appreciate the combination of coaching and player talent that each of these teams brought to the football field. The players changed and the staff had some changes but the constant over all those years was Gamp, The Jet and Sellsy. What a threesome! If you never had a chance to meet them or to talk to them you missed a great encounter. They were three great coaches and three great guys. Rest in Peace, Gamp and Jet.

Over the coming months I will take a look back at the 31 years that Gamp had on Warren Avenue. It will probably be more than one article because it would be tough to summarize his career, his titles, his players and his accomplishments in just one article. In the meantime, 1980, 1995, 2001 and 2008 you are etched into the Malvern Prep football record books. Your accomplishments stand alone and I hope the tributes provided some great memories and maybe, got you to connect with some teammates you may have lost touched with. The only thing left is the debate. Let the fun begin. Who is the best Gamp team of all time?

More to come….. The “Shark” is next.


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Malvern Prep Football

From the Malvern Archives


August 2021!

Malvern Prep Football

From the Malvern Archives


August 2021!

1980 Schedule
1980 Schedule
Opponent W/L US THEM
Bishop Neumann W 20 0
Delhaas W 47 0
Marple Newtown W 34 0
St. Marks (DE) W 36 20
Germantown Academy W 25 7
Penn Charter W 29 6
Episcopal W 22 6
Haverford School W 35 0
Williamson Trade W 41 19
Monsignor Bonner W 48 0
1980 Malvern Prep Friars Football Team
1980 Malvern Prep Friars Football Team
1980 Roster
1980 Roster
5 Jeff Guyon QB 6' 155 11
7 Mike DeNoia QB 5'10 120 10
9 Mike Burke QB 6 170 12
10 Mike Devine B 5'9 145 10
11 Matt Taylor QB 5'11 160 11
12 Jim Marino HB 5'11 185 12
18 Bill Arends DB 5'10 145 11
20 Joe Mylotte DB 5'9 150 10
22 Barkley Sample E 6'2 185 12
23 Jon Williamson HB 5'9 160 12
25 David Orr HB 5'11 185 12
29 Tony Ceriale B 6 160 12
30 Tom Wilson B 5'7 165 11
31 Terry Pitt B 5'10 145 10
32 Ed Devine E 6 180 12
33 Chuck McAnally B 5'8 145 10
35 Mike Traveline DB 5'6 135 11
36 Andy Baker B 5'9 140 10
40 Mike Cobb B 5'9 145 10
41 Tom Sheridan DB 5'6 140 11
42 Frank McNesby B 5'9 150 12
44 Mike Laino HB 5'8 175 11
48 Rich Carfagno DB 5'7 160 11
50 Steve Sullivan G 5'11 185 12
52 John Vitali B 5'10 195 11
55 Jay McNeil DE 5'11 180 12
60 Brian Wall T 6 180 12
61 Kevin Bradley G 6'1 180 12
62 Matt McDevitt C 5'8 155 10
63 Ernie Sims C 6 200 12
64 Bill Gannon G 5'11 190 11
65 Mike Conway G 5'10 175 11
66 John Quinn LB 6 185 11
67 Vince Friedel T 6'2 190 12
70 Tim O'Conner E 5'10 155 10
72 Ron Sheridan G 5'11 185 12
73 Brian Willcox T 5'11 175 10
74 Scott McHugh G 5'8 160 10
75 Matt Brown T 6 180 11
76 Rodney Krasley T 6 190 11
77 Mike Ciesieski C 5'11 175 11
78 Rich Chakejian NG 6 180 12
80 Mike Jones E 5'10 140 10
81 Joe Maguire E 6'2 185 12
81a Joe Ryan B 5'8 155 10
84 Jim Pitt E 6 165 11
85 Joe Norton E 5'8 145 10
86 Ron Kinn FB 5'9 165 10
88 Rich McCue C 5'8 150 10
89 Bob McEvoy E 6 175 12
90 Jeff Hasso T 6'3 200 10
1980 Malvern Prep Friars Captains L to R- Steve Sullivan, Mike Burke, Ed Devine, Kevin Bradley
Captains L to R: Steve Sullivan, Mike Burke, Ed Devine, Kevin Bradley
Orr 12 18 8 12 16 8 6 18 18
Burke 2 14 8 6 7 7 6 2
Laino 6 6 6 6 2
Marino 6 6 16 6 8 6 6 6
McEvoy 6 6 6 6 6 6
Hasso 3 2 5 2
Maguire 6
McAnally 6
Devine 6
Williamson 6
Kinn 6
20 47 34 36 25 29 22 35 41 48

*does not include 5 extra points. Still researching

Orr 16 1 1 4 116
Burke 7 1 8 1 52
Laino 3 1 1 26
Marino 7 2 3 60
McEvoy 4 1 1 36
Hasso 12 12
Maguire 1 6
McAnally 1 6
Devine 1 6
Williamson 1 6
Kinn 1 6
36 9 1 2 1 20 9 332
Actual 337

*does not include 5 extra points from the Haverford School Game



** David Orr RB- LEAGUE MVP**

Steve Sullivan- Offensive Line

Bob McEvoy- Receiver

Mike Burke- Quarterback


Kevin Bradley- Defensive Line

Brian Wall- Linebacker

Barkley Sample, Ed Devine Defensive Back

Honorable Mention- Jim Marino RB, Mike Laino RB, Rich Chakejian DL, Jay McNeil E, Ron Sheridan DL


Steve Sullivan-Offensive Line

Mike Burke- Quarterback

Bob McEvoy- End

David Orr- Running Back


Kevin Bradley- Defensive End

Brian Wall- Linebacker

Ed Devine- Defensive Back

Honorable Mention- Barkley Sample DB, Jim Marino RB



David Orr- Running Back

Kevin Bradley- Defensive End


David Orr RB

Keven Bradley DL


So how do you top your junior year where you went 8-1, only gave up 47 points, win the IA title and are one of the top teams in the area? That’s easy. Led by captains Steve Sullivan, Michael Burke, Ed Devine and Kevin Bradley all the 1980 team did was run the table and go undefeated, avenge last year’s only loss to traditional Delaware power St. Marks, win the IA, give up 58 points, and again be named one of the top teams in SEPA. These accomplishments automatically put them into the discussion as one of the best, all time teams in MP football history. The discussion is a quick one. Well, there really is no discussion once you are presented the facts. The 1980 team was one of the best of all time. Case closed. It was Gamp’s 3rd season at the helm and this team was in the midst of one of the Malvern “streaks” (see previous Carey’s Corner article Malvern Goes Streaking ). Malvern’s last loss in the Inter-Ac was the 1st league game of their 1973 season. Pressure? Not a chance. The boys in blue were focused and determined to make sure nothing got in their way. The skill players were as versatile and as talented as Malvern has ever had- QB Mike Burke, HB Jim Marino and David Orr, FB Mike Laino, WR Bob McEvoy. They could run, catch and throw with the best of them. Like the other undefeated teams these guys were a headache to all the Defensive Coordinators they played. Orr was the team’s 1000 yard rusher, league MVP and Maxwell Award winner, not a bad tri-fecta. He was known as being quiet off the field but as the yearbook noted, on the field he was the “Silent Storm”. David is a perfect example of the stud MP multi-sport athlete. He is only one of two MP players ever to be named All-City 1st team in two sports (football and baseball). Billy Lockhart ’84 and ‘85 mirrored David’s very rare feat. This accolade spans from 1973 through 2018. All-City football and baseball teams were not selected in 2019. I am thinking this demonstrates he was a pretty good athlete.

Great skill, outstanding big fatty line play and a typical Malvern defense that was beyond solid. What was the result? The 1980 team was ONLY one of two teams (2001 being the other) since 1950 to hit all three categories that were featured in previous articles. They averaged 33.7 points a game- 30 for 30 article; they surrendered a meager 5.8 points a game- the Touchdown Club article; and last and certainly most importantly their average margin of victory was ONLY 27.9 points a game- Beat the Spread article. This margin of victory was 2nd all-time behind Gamp’s 2008 team. If you follow MP football at all you already know that 2008 team wasn’t too shabby either. Yeah, this 1980 group was good up and down the lineup. After their two year dominance of 18-1, top rankings and 2 IA titles many opposing teams and coaches were happy to see these guys go. It was rumored rival coaches actually attended Malvern’s graduation that year just to make sure they all did in fact graduate and permanently drive away from campus.

On a special note, this season was not without sadness. In the summer of that year the team tragically lost fellow player and great guy Kevin Fitzpatrick. I never met him but by all accounts Kevin was everything you wanted in a teammate and more importantly, a friend. He was a “Malvern guy” through and through. Kevin was one of the big fatties up front and that automatically makes him near and dear to my big fatty heart. Steve Sullivan captain and close friend recounted “I remember what was inscribed on Kevin’s head stone, “ Courage to Be”. Kevin’s impact on family, friends, teammates and the community are summed up in these three words. A great light was lost on August 10th 1980. Number 71 will live on in our hearts forever.” Well said Steve.

The team dedicated the season to him and they firmly believed Kevin was with them every step of the way of this unbelievable year. In turn, his teammates have asked me to dedicate this tribute of the 1980 team to Kevin and his family.

They came, they saw, they dominated you. Then they got on the bus and went home. There was pretty much nothing you could do about it. They were that good.


1980 Malvern Prep Friars Captains L to R- Steve Sullivan, Mike Burke, Ed Devine, Kevin Bradley
Front Row L to R- Jay McNeil, Rod Krasley, Ron Sheridan, Rich Chakejian, Steve Sullivan, Kevin Bradley
Back Row L to R- Bob McEvoy, Barkley Sample, John Quinn, Brian Wall, Tony Ceriale, Ed Devine

With graduation, Malvern had some uncertainty and some holes to fill. There was a question if the Friars could hit their stride early and build some quick momentum. Scores of the 1st three games were 20-0, 47-0, 34-0. Ah, never mind. Hit their stride, check. Gained some momentum, check. What a way to start a year, pitching three shutouts right off the bat. If that is not a statement on what the rest of the opponents and particularly the Inter-Ac, had to look forward to I do not know what is. Neumann, Delhaas and local Delco Marple Newton all went down without crossing the goal line. In the post-game press coverage of the Marple game it was stated Marple did three things well in this contest- punt, fumble and throw interceptions. Marple punted 9 times. Guessing the Malvern D had something to do with that.

Anyone who knows me, knows I was going to dig into this incredible stat. These Friars were the only team in MP history to start off with 3 straight goose eggs. The 1964 team came closest, giving up 6 in its first 3 games, followed 1965 who gave up 6 in their first game then shut down their next 3 opponents. The 1987 team has the record with 4 shutouts in a row in games 3,4,5 and 6. This shut out statistic puts the 1980 defense in a different class all together.

Next up was St. Mark’s of Delaware. The Friars were looking for paybacks for their only loss in 1979, a 6-0 setback. Took the Friars a quarter to figure things out as St. Marks jumped out to an early 14-0 lead. No worries. Malvern shut them down defensively, outscored them 36 to 6 the rest of the way and chalked up win #4 at 36-20. In the 2nd quarter, a Kevin Bradley interception and a Jay McNeil fumble recovery on the St. Marks 18 yard line helped the Friars turn the game around.

If the rest of the league was wondering what was in store for them, they soon found out. It was not going to be a fun experience for any of them. GA, PC, EA and HS managed 7,6,6, and 0 points. Even though it was the first league game for both teams, many thought the GA contest would determine the IA championship. This was a very good Germantown Academy team. MP jumped out to a 25-0 lead and held GA to 53 rushing yards on 20 carries in the first half. Barkley Sample’s 2 interceptions and fumble recovery helped the defense coast the rest of the way. A late GA score spoiled their potential 4th shutout. If GA was supposed to be the contender then you could conclude the rest of the league had no shot. In a familiar repeat, MP went up 22-0 on EA. A late score prevented another shutout, in route to a 22-6 win over the Churchmen. The Friars closed out the IA season with a school record 7TH consecutive Inter-Ac championship in a row and a 35-0 mercy rule of Haverford School. Rest of the league, no shot, check.

Is there any better way to finish out this stellar defensive year than a 48-0 stomping (newspaper’s word not mine) of Bonner on Thanksgiving? On the day, the Friars held the fellow Friars to 2 yards of total offense and a -36 yards rushing. That is not a misprint, 2 yards of total offense! Like Marple Newtown, the only thing Bonner had a lot of practice at in this game was the punt. They punted 8 times. On the year, when every opponent played MP they all seemed to do that one thing very well….. punt.

It is totally appropriate that 2 of the 7 scores in the final game of the season were on the defensive side of the ball. One was an Ed Devine 68 yard interception and the other was a Bob McEvoy 37 yard interception. On the year, the 5 shutouts tied the 1980 team with the 1976 and 1987 team for most shutouts in a season. It was not out the possibility that this team was legitimately close to 7 or 8 shutouts. PC scored with 58 seconds left, GA scored with 5:15 left, EA scored with 4:50 to go. Let that sink in. 11 minutes from having shutouts in 8 of 10 games. Wow! With defensive linemen like Kevin Bradley, Steve Sullivan, Rich Chakejian, Rod Krasley, Ron Sheridan, Jay McNeil, linebacker John Quinn and all IA linebacker Brian Wall, would you expect anything less from the big boys up front?

They came, they saw, they shut you down then shut you out. There was pretty much nothing you could do about it. The defense was that good.


Front Row L to R- Joe Maguire, Brian Wall, Steve Sullivan, Mike Ciesieski, Kevin Bradley, Vince Friedel, Bob McEvoy Back Row L to R- David Orr, Mike Laino, Mike Burke, Jim Marino
Front Row L to R- Joe Maguire, Brian Wall, Steve Sullivan, Mike Ciesieski, Kevin Bradley, Vince Friedel, Bob McEvoy
Back Row L to R- David Orr, Mike Laino, Mike Burke, Jim Marino

There is only one team from 1950 to 1999 to average more than 30 points a game, almost 5 decades! Yep, you guessed it, the 1980 team. There are only 4 teams in MP history that have averaged more points per game. I must be sounding like a broken record but it is another example of why these guys were among the best of the best of Malvern Prep football.

Just as the defense was preventing the opponents from crossing the goal line in the first three games the Malvern offense was doing the direct opposite. They were scoring, and scoring some more, 17x to be exact. Like all of the undefeated teams, when you have good skill in multiple positions everyone will ultimately find their way into the box score on a consistent basis. These names may look familiar. Orr had 5 TDs, Burke ran for 3 and threw for 3, Marino chipped in a key 22 yarder against Neumann, Laino showed his versatility with a receiving and rushing TD and top receiver McEvoy had 2 TDs. Against Marple Newtown the Friars dominated the line of scrimmage with 347 yard rushing. Both Orr and Laino rushed for over 100 yards in the game. 1980 was the one and only time Malvern played Delhaas from Bucks County. Did Delhaas not know anything about Malvern when they agreed to play them? I guess when you beat someone 47-0 you are quickly removed from any future schedule. There was no rematch the following year. That has happened many times over the years. Play MP once, yes. Play MP twice? No thank you.

Malvern 101 Malvern opponents 0. Pretty good start don’t you think?

Next up was the revenge game against St. Marks. Last year the Friars had a long bus ride home in a 6-0 loss. Not this year. Burke to his favorite target McEvoy for 36 yards, Orr plowed in from 1 yard out, Burke scampered in from 10 and the Friars were up 20-14 at half. Once again, David Orr sealed the deal with a 14 yd run and a 28-14 lead in the 3rd. Yes, revenge is sweet, especially against a very good team like St. Marks.

Still keeping score? Malvern 137 Malvern Opponents 20.

Yeah, the Inter-Ac was in trouble because these Friars were on their quest to cement yet another Inter-Ac title. The non-league games showed the rest of the Inter-Ac they were going to have a long season. It started with a quality win against Germantown Academy and ended with a white washing of Haverford School. The GA game was an emotional win for the Friars in many respects. It put them in the driver’s seat for the title and they gave the game ball to Kevin Fitzpatrick’s parents. On the day David Orr asserted his dominance and showed MVP candidate form with 19 carries for 145 yards and TD runs of 14 and 23 yards. You could always count on QB Mike Burke to run for one and throw for one. Sure handed receiver McEvoy hauled in Burke’s TD pass. In the 35-0 win over Haveford the all-around skill marked up the box score one more time. Orr, Laino, McEvoy and Marino all hit pay dirt. Not to be left out, QB Burke added a two point conversion.

It would be easy to expect a team to have a letdown after winning a championship. Who are you kidding? Not these guys. They went on to ONLY score 89 points in their final two games. That would be 44.5 a game. I am not sure but that doesn’t look like a let down to me. Over the last 2 games and in familiar box score territory, Orr rushed 29x for 280 yards and 6 TDs, Marino scored twice. Burke threw and ran for one, AGAIN. And yes, McEvoy caught one of the two TD passes.

I think the reporter who covered the Thanksgiving game summed up the season and this team perfectly. “Motivation is the mother of annihilation. When Malvern Prep stepped onto its home field for the Turkey Shoot that would be a 48-0 dismemberment of Monsignor Bonner, it had one victory standing in its way of an undefeated season. All Bonner stood to gain was a few bruises before dinner. Malvern ran up nearly 400 yards of offense and raised nearly 800 welts on defense in a gruesome display of dominance underlined by a 144 yard 3 TD performance by David Orr.” Yeah, that David Orr did it one last time. Gruesome display of dominance? Is there a better phrase than that? This reporter definitely described this season and this team perfectly.

Final Score? Malvern 337 Malvern Opponents 58.

They came, they saw, they rang up a ton of points on you. There was pretty much nothing you could do about it. The offense was that good.


Would it surprise you that this multi-talented team had the same multi-talented players share the special teams chores? QB Mike Burke and Jeff Hasso shared the extra point duties. David Orr and Hasso shared the kick off duties and Hasso and Orr punted. What didn’t David Orr do for this team? Well, an exclamation point was added in the St. Marks game. Malvern had gone up 28-14 and seemed to have the game well in hand. St. Marks scored to make it 28-20. Momentum was swinging the game back in St. Marks favor. Not so fast! That momentum lasted a whole 13 seconds. That is about how long it took Orr to take the kick-off to the house. Add a two point conversion and the game was out of reach and over 36-20. In case you were wondering it was Orr who caught the 2 point conversion….. on his back!


Have to love my fatties up front. These guys cleared the way for David Orr, Jim Marino, Mike Laino and Mike Burke to run rampant on opposing defenses. How can you defend four guys in the backfield when the big skill is “Blind Siding” guys over the fence (movie reference I hope you get- “Coach, I was taking him to the bus. It was time for him to go”). You don’t become the 5th highest scoring team since 1950 without big skill doing their job.

Shout out to tackles Brian Wall and Vince Friedel, guards Steve Sullivan and Kevin Bradley and center Mike Ciesielski. Props to honorary big fatty Tight Ends Joe McGuire and Bob McEvoy


And as I will do with all the highlighted teams, one last roll call of the seniors in their very special season.

Mike Burke, Jim Marino, Barkley Sample, John Williamson, David Orr, Tony Ceriale, Ed Devine, Frank McNesby, Steve Sullivan, Jay McNeil, Brian Wall, Kevin Bradley, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Ernie Sims, Vince Friedel, Ron Sheridan, Rich Chakejian, Joe Maguire, Bob McEvoy.

You guys were not the biggest around but no one can ever measure the size of your heart. A great two year run that culminated into one of the best teams ever at Malvern Prep.

Brothers Forever.

1980 Malvern Prep Inter AC League Football Champions Team Members 10-0
1980 Malvern Prep Inter AC League Football Champions Team Members 10-0

This was what it was all about. Vince Friedel provided this t-shirt and great memory.


Many thanks to David Orr for finding his scrapbook and sending some great stuff along, to Steve Sullivan for the pics and Vince Friedel for the T-shirt .

41 years later and these guys are still working together and making things happen. Even now, they are still that good!

More to come……………


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Malvern Prep Football

From the Malvern Archives


June 2021!

Malvern Prep Football

From the Malvern Archives


June 2021!

Fresh off the undefeated 1995 season, I am sure that Gamp and his coaching staff were beginning to think about the 1996 season. In a previous article highlighting the accomplishments of one of Malvern’s undefeated teams, I stated that the halfback combo of Toby Booker and Derrick Downs was the best halfback combo in the annals of MP football history. With graduation, these two dynamic players were going to leave a huge hole in the backfield and probably would be difficult to replace…..then along came Chris Downs….. Who knew? Chris was a reserve on the 1995 team. His numbers were modest as he usually got into the game once it was well in hand and Thunder and Lightning had pummeled another opponent. In a shout out to an MP coach and one of the all-time great guys, the late Jimmy the Jet knew. Jimmy was Gamp’s forever assistant. He always had an encouraging word for the players and was well known for his stories. If you have been around the MP program over the last 40 years you know who “The Jet” was. His last name is not needed. As he always did, the Jet was coaching the JV team in 1995 and he had a chance to watch Chris play in multiple games. Jimmy knew that Chris had the makings of something special. As it turned out, over the next two years, special was a vast understatement.

The program and Malvern Prep will miss Vincent “Jimmy the Jet” Panetta.

Let me get this out of the way early. Chris Downs is the best running back in MP football history. If you read Get Me a Six Pack-Running Backs you have already seen his name prominently displayed in the Malvern record books. You can also get an appreciation of the number of very good running backs Malvern has had over the years. Chris stands at the head of the class. So, what made him so unique? According to legendary offensive coordinator and Malvern institution Joe Sells, it was vision and anticipation. Chris was able to read defensive movements and make cuts before players closed in on him. It was as if Chris could see things before they happened. “Sellsy” said Chris was the best he had ever seen at doing it. And just like Jet, Joe Sells has been around a very long time. He pretty much has either coached it, diagrammed it or scouted it all. If Joe says it, you can absolutely believe him.

If you want to add icing to his cake of accomplishments, Chris is only 1 of 8 Inter-Ac players to reach the career rushing mark of 3000 yards. This is a best of the best kind of list and Chris is #1. Not a bad finish for a player who in his sophomore year carried the ball 17x for 165 yards. Good call Jet!

Below is the list of players

3000 yard rushers
3000 yard rushers
Chris Downs '97 MP 503- 4045 yards 50 TDS 8 yds/carry
Alex Holcombe '06 GA 686- 3815 yards 36 TDS 5.6 yds/carry
Ibraheim Campbell '09 CHA 497- 3810 yards 52 TDS 7.7 yds/carry
Edward Saydee '18 PC 520- 3514 yards 45 TDS 6.3 yds/carry
Paul McKinney '00 HS 481- 3437 yards 33 TDS 7.1 yds/carry
Rashad Campbell '00 CHA 442- 3200 yards 45 TDS 7.2 yds/carry
Dave Stilley '91 HS 594- 3119 yards 22 TDS 5.3 yds/carry
Matt Blewitt '97 GA 459- 3106 yards 41 TDS 6.8 yds/carry

Chris played in 21 games over his junior and senior season. He was only held in check in 3 of them. It is astounding to think that over the 503 carries he gained, on average, 8 yards a carry (career chunker). In the remaining 18 games he rushed for over 100 yards 6x, over 200 yards, an incredible 11x and 300 yards once. In 1996 Chris was just beginning to warm up as he split it down the middle with 4 games over 100 yards and 4 games over 200 yards. In his senior year he blew it out, rushing for over 2000 yards in the season. His breakdown was 2- 100 yard games, 7- 200 yard games, yes I said 7; and his Thanksgiving best, a 308 yard game against Carroll. In that game he also had a school and league record 6 TDs. This was all in a two year period when everyone in the stadium knew he was going to get the rock. In these games MP was 15-3 and proves the football saying, when you can run the ball well you have a very good chance of winning, especially if Chris Downs has the ball in his hands.

The games looked like this.

Chris Downs Rushing
Chris Downs Rushing
1996 1997
Valley Forge 14- 164 yards Valley Forge 18- 177 yards
WC East 20- 153 yards Henderson 22- 215 yards
GA 18- 249 yards WC East 27- 226
PC 28-276 yards Sun Valley 19- 206
EA 23- 103 yards HS 13- 177 yards
HS 23- 264 yards GA 38- 298 yards
OJ Roberts 33- 265 yards PC 21- 214 yards
Carroll 32- 151 yards EA 28- 216 yards
Chester 34- 200 yards
Carroll 36- 308 yards

Looking at these numbers I am guessing that GA and PC were very happy to see Chris leave Warren Avenue. The GA total was 56 carries for 547 yards and a 9.7 yard average. Chris torched the Quakers for 490 yards on 49 carries. That math is easy even for me- 10 yards a pop. It was in the Penn Charter game that Chris broke the Inter-Ac career rushing record held by Dave Stilley from Haverford School. Okay, let me re-phrase that. The ENTIRE Inter-Ac was happy to see Chris vacate the football field. His two year demolition of the league adds up like this- 193 carries for 1,797 yards, a 9.3 yards per carry average and 22 TDs on top of it all. As much as Chris antagonized the IA his favorite day and opponent might have been Thanksgiving and Archbishop Carroll. In these two games, in addition to rushing for 459 yards, he scored 9 times on runs of 44,5,6,31,11,8,3,26 and 3 yards.

If you were curious how his best games stacked up with the rest of the top IA performances, here you go.

Top IA Rushing Performances
Top IA Rushing Performances
Carries Yards Year
McKinney Chestnut Hill 18 316 2000
I. Campbell Gtn. Academy 32 310 2008
Downs Carroll 36 308 1997
Downs Gtn. Academy 38 298 1997
McKinney Tatnall (DE) 26 296 2000
R. Campbell Pius X (Roseto) 20 288 2006
Saydee Gtn. Academy 25 277 2018
Downs Penn Charter 28 276 1996
Holcombe Haverford School 40 267 2006
I. Campbell Episcopal 12 266 2009
Downs Owen J. Roberts 33 265 1996
McKinney Oxford 10 264 1998
Downs Haverford 24 264 1996
Holcombe Chestnut Hill 53 258 2006
Holcombe Pius X (Roseto) 36 252 2006
I. Campbell Haverford 41 251 2008
R. Campbell Lower Moreland 26 246 2006
Blewitt Episcopal 13 243 1997
Blewitt Pennington (NJ) 21 235 1996
I. Campbell Haverford 39 234 2009
Stilley Penn Charter 48 231 1991
I. Campbell Wood 33 230 2009
Saydee Upper Dublin 22 226 2018
Downs WC East 27 226 1997
Holcombe Haverford School 24 225 2004
R. Campbell Episcopal 41 224 2006
Blewitt Valley Forge MA 29 218 1997
Downs Episcopal 28 216 1997
Holcombe Haverford School 27 215 2005
Downs WC Henderson 22 215 1997
Downs Penn Charter 21 214 1997
Saydee SCH Academy 28 213 2016
Stilley Roman 31 210 1990
I. Campbell Haverford School 22 201 2008
Holcombe Episcopal 39 200 2006
Downs Chester 34 200 1997

(An as an aside, it is nice to see that no Malvern defense showed up on this list of top performances)

Chris was the leading rusher in the city in 1997. His game average for the year was 199 yards and his two year average was 184 yards a game. Busy guy. Speaking of busy, his 53 TD career total was 50 rushing, 2 receiving and 1 kickoff return. Yeah, Germantown Academy actually kicked off to him. What were they thinking? I am a special teams coach and I can tell you I would have not kicked the ball in the same area code as Chris Downs. Second option would be to kick the ball out of bounds and hope MP took the ball at the 35 yard line. Guarantee you that my Head Coach would have given me an earful on the sidelines as he watched Chris romp 87 yards to paydirt.

As you might imagine with his success, Chris set multiple Inter-Ac records. They are as follows:

Career rushing- 4045 yards

Season rushing- 2198 yards

Season TDs- 31, 29 rushing, 1 receiving, 1 kick-off return

Season Rush TDs- 29

Game TDs- 6, tied with Matt Blewitt GA

Points Season- 190

With records come multiple post season and post career recognitions. Because there were so many I hope I got them all.

All Inter-Ac 1996,1997

**LEAGUE MVP 1997**

1st Team All City, 1996,1997 Daily News

1st Team All Area, 1996,1997 Philadelphia Inquirer- *same backfield with Arlen Harris from Downingtown.

1st Team All Decade All Inter-Ac 1990-1999

**PLAYER OF THE DECADE All Inter-Ac 1990-1999**

1st Team All Decade All-City- 1990-1999

1st Team 30 Year All Malvern Prep team

1st Team 35 Year All Inter-Ac

1st Team 40 Year All Inter-Ac

1st Team 50 Year All Inter-Ac

3rd Team 50 Year All-City

Some perspective here. The 1st team RBs were Kevin Jones O’Hara ’00, Eddie Gaskins Frankford ’87, Blair Thomas Frankford ’94. The 2nd team RBs were Curtis Brinkley West Catholic ’03, D’Andre Swift SJP ’16 and Jerry Butler Washington ’04. Kevin Jones, Blair Thomas, Curtis Brinkley and D’Andre Swift all went onto the NFL. Career rushing marks were Brinkley for 7,413 yards, Gaskins for 6,122 yards and Jones for 5,728 yards. D’Andre Swift rushed for 4,273 yards. His yards could have been significantly more but he never really got the touches until playoff time. If a bunch of guys in front of you went to the NFL I would say that you are in pretty good company. I could make the argument that Chris could have been 2nd team as his career rushing yards were over 1000 more than Butler but being top 9 is certainly a reflection of his talent and his career marks. Keep in mind too that this list is pulled from every single running back whoever played in the Catholic League, the Public League and the Inter-Ac from 1970.

Well, there you have it. Any questions? Like many Malvern players, if you had the chance to catch Chris Downs in a game you were treated to quite a show. With the change in high school offenses from run to pass I am betting that many of Chris’s school and league records will stand for a very long time. Congratulations Chris Downs, the best of the best Malvern Prep running backs.

More to come……………


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Malvern Prep Football

From the Malvern Archives


May 2021

Malvern Prep Football

From the Malvern Archives


May 2021


*easiest to read when viewed on a laptop



10-0 overall, 4-0 league

328 PF, 98 PA

MALVERN'S CAPTAINS- Toby Booker and Steve Galczenski
1995 Final Record
Valley Forge, MA W 18 8
W. Chester Henderson W 12 0
Downingtown W 34 17
Loyola (MD) W 19 8
Germantown Academy W 48 14
Penn Charter W 27 13
Episcopal W 42 7
Haverford School W 48 12
Owen J. Roberts W 40 12
Carroll W 40 7
1995 Roster
1995 Roster
1 Brendan Nicholas DB 5'8 140 SR
3 Dave O'Brien TD 6'2 200 SR
5 Derrick Downs HB 6'0 185 SR
7 Ryan McFadden SR 6'1 185 K
8 Scott Pomante WR/DB 5'10 140 SR
10 Bryan Cash DB 5'7 1130 SO
15 Shaun Gallagher QB 6'1 170 SO
16 Williams (Tony) Downs DB 5'8 134 SO
18 Steve Abate QB 6'2 145 JR
20 Doug Borgerson QB/DB 5'11 175 SR
21 Chris Downs HB 5'7 155 SO
22 Toby Booker HB 5'9 175 SR
26 Josh Gulbrandsen DB 5'7 155 SO
29 Bob Jordan DB 5'7 140 SR
32 Joe Nangle FB 5'11 180 SR
33 Brian Botta FB 5'11 160 JR
34 Jim Wingerter FB/K 5'11 170 JR
35 Pete Loveless RB 5'11 170 SR
36 Patrick VanHaute WR/DB 5'8 141 SO
42 Lou Gana DL 5'4 155 SO
44 Peter Flick TE 6'2 175 SR
45 Matt Riley TE 6"2 220 SR
46 Dan Bonner FB 6'0 185 SO
48 John Dilworth DB 5'9 140 SO
52 Rob DeLong LB 5'9 145 JR
54 Marlon Miller T 6'3 235 JR
55 Steve Galczenski LB 6'4 210 SR
57 Eric Carroll C 5'10 230 SO
58 Mike Pinto OL 6'0 210 JR
60 Rob Moser T 6'1 240 SR
62 Tim Nestler G 5'11 165 SO
63 Casey Loftus T 5'10 200 SO
65 Jim Woodward DT 5'11 210 SO
66 John Heavens T 6'4 240 SR
67 Brian Carty OL 6'0 210 SO
72 Richard Volinsky LB 5'10 185 SO
73 Blake Knapp OL 6'1 180 SO
74 Brooks McDonald T 6'1 275 SR
75 Dom Cusano C 5'11 165 JR
77 Ted Wing C 6'1 200 SR
80 Chris O'Conner SE 6'1 160 SO
81 Erich Daciw TE 6'0 185 SO
82 Mike Trevisan WR 6'0 175 SR
83 Anthony Grubb SE 6'0 145 SO
88 Jim Keaveney TE 6'4 220 SR
89 Sean McKenna TE 6'1 187 SO
1995 Rushing
1995 Rushing
Toby Booker 98-861 8.8
Derrick Downs 112-839 7.5
Joe Nangle 84-516 6.1
Doug Borgerson 27-290 10.7
Chris Downs 17-165 9.7
Brian Botta 27-290 8.1
Dan Bonner 10-12 1.2
John Dilworth 1-7 7
John Wingerter 1-4 4
1995 Passing
1995 Passing
Doug Borgerson 38-61 769 yards 20.2
Shaun Gallagher 2-6 60 yards 30
Mike Trevisan 1-1 14 yards 14
1995 Receptions
1995 Receptions
Receptions REC-YDS AVG
Dave O'Brien 14-364 yards 26
Derrick Downs 10-95 yards 9.5
Toby Booker 7-129 yards 18.4
Mike Trevisan 4-74 yards 18.3
Joe Nangle 2-33 yards 16.5
Eric Daciw 1-45 yards 45
Scott Pomante 1-15 yards 15
Bob Jordan 1-14 yards 14
Jim Keaveney 1-7 yards 7
1995 Sacks
1995 Sacks
Sacks NO
Jim Keaveney 4 1/2
Joe Nangle 3
John Heavens 3
Marlon Miller 1 1/2
Dan Bonner 1
Mike Pinto 1
Dave O'Brien 1
Derrick Downs 1
Brendan Nicholas 1
Chris Downs 1
1995 Interceptions
1995 Interceptions
Interceptions NO
Doug Borgerson 6
John Gulbrandsen 2
Brendan Nicholas 2
Derrick Downs 1
Steve Galczenski 1
Mike Pinto 1
Eric Daciw 1
Mike Trevisan 1
1995 Scoring
1995 Scoring
Rush Rec XPt Fumble INT 2 PT Totals
D. Borgerson 7 1 48
D. Downs 9 3 1 72
Booker 10 1 60
O'Brien 5 1 32
Nangle 6 36
McFaden 1 6
Daciw 1 6
C. Downs 3 18
Galczenski 1 6
Keaveney 1 6
Jordan 1 6


** Stats are pulled from various sources. My go-to guy has been Ted Silary. The above stats are as close as I can get them and I think they are pretty accurate. I will continue to dig for data and information and will update as I can validate what I find.



John Heavens, Steve Galczenski, Brooks McDonald- Offensive Line

Dave O’Brien- Receiver

Toby Booker, Derrick Downs, Joe Nangle- Running Back.


Mike Pinto- Defensive Line

Doug Borgerson- Defensive Back



Derrick Downs DB, Steve Galczenski OL- 1st Team

Dave O’Brien REC, Toby Booker RB- 2nd Team

John Heavens OL, Doug Borgerson QB- 3rd Team

Joe Nangle RB- Honorable Mention


All DECADE INTER-AC (1990- 1999)

Derrick Downs DB- 1st Team

Toby Booker RB, Steve Galczenski OL- Honorable Mention

35 YEAR AND 40 YEAR ALL CITY (as selected by Ted Silary of the Daily News)

Derrick Downs DB- 3rd Team


Derrick Downs DB- 1st Team


“Congratulations Gamp, coaches, moderator and team. This was a wonderful, exciting, exhilarating Malvern football season. Excitement abounded and if you took your eyes away from the field for a second, you would probably miss a big play. The team was the star and we are all very proud of your efforts. The Malvern family all benefitted by such a great season.”

Reverend David Duffy, President


“The team adhered closely to the mission statement of Malvern Prep- to strive for excellence, in a caring way, through the example of Christ, in exceptional love. We could not be more proud of our student-athletes and coaches.”

Mr. Jim Stewart, Headmaster


“This team took nothing for granted, kept their eyes focused on the task at hand for each game, and exhibited a tremendous amount of class, on and off the field. It was a season no one wanted to see end. It brought tremendous prestige to the school and to the players and we thank them all for their hard work and sacrifice.”

Frank Ryan, Athletic Director


“I would wish this football team on any coach, just once in his career.”

Gamp Pellegrini, Head Coach


What better way to review the season than in the words of Toby Booker, the Lightning Half of Thunder and Lightning. This was pulled from the yearbook.

What comes to mind when you think of a “phat” season? Is it winning the league championship, receiving a high ranking, or even finishing the season undefeated? Well, this season the Friars did it all. Led by Co-Captains Toby Booker and Steve Galczenski, the 1995 team won the Inter-Ac title, received a number one ranking in Southeast Pennsylvania and finished the season with an unblemished record- ten wins and zero losses.

The start of the 1995 season would be the Friars biggest challenge. On their schedule they were expected to play powerhouse Valley Forge Military Academy team, next West Chester Henderson, followed by Downingtown and Loyola High School of Maryland. This wouldn’t be easy for the Friars, but they would survive. Going into league play, the Friars would have less of a challenge, yet would remain focused on their “perfect season”. This team featured one of the most explosive backfields in the state, consisting of an all senior lineup. At quarterback was all around Doug Borgerson, Joe Nangle the human wrecking machine at fullback and the halfbacks were “Thunder and Lightning” Derrick Downs and Toby Booker. But these weren’t the only weapons in the Malvern arsenal. Other senior contributors on both sides of the ball were John Heavens, Steve Galczenski, Dave O’Brien, Mike Trevisan, and Brendan Nicholas. The Friars offense was unstoppable and nothing passed on the team’s defense.

The Friars underclassmen did their part too. Some of those players were juniors Marlon Miller, Dominic Cusano and sophomores Dan Bonner and Jim Woodward. Sleeper of the year was Mike Pinto who came up extremely big at defensive tackle and received All Inter-Ac honors.

The keys to this “perfect season” were hard work, dedication and determination. The Friars survived the test and achieved this rare accomplishment. Although the team suffered some blows, it still managed to stay on its feet and go to become what some believe is one of Malvern’s greatest teams.


When you review an undefeated team, you know that to be undefeated, the team had to be very good on both sides of the ball. The 1995 team showed that the defense was up to the task. The big blue D carried the early load while the offense was finding their rhythm. Opposing offenses totaled a meager 98 points on the year. These Friars knew that the1st four, non-league games were going to set the tone and what a tone it was. They only gave up 8 points over their 1st two games and 33 over the 1st four games.

MP held VFMA to 28 yards of offense in the 2nd half in an opening 18-8 win over a very tough squad. They shut out Chest-Mont rival Henderson 12-0 and then avenged two previous year losses to Loyola and Chest-Mont power Downingtown. Loyola only generated 111 yards of total offense, 45 of those yards coming on their lone TD. If you are doing the math that is 66 net yards the rest of the way. The Silver and Blue continued their dominance as they rolled through the Inter-Ac schedule. The scores were as follows after 3 quarters- GA 48-7, EA 42-0, Haverford 41-0. Penn Charter had a pretty good team that year. QB Larry Storm (great football name) was 2nd in the city in passing with 1810 yards and receiver Tyrone Tolbert led the city, averaging 102 yards a game. In this game the Friars were unphased and kept to the task at hand. They were up 27-6 in the 3rd and played a strong 4th. A Mike Trevisan late pick sealed the deal and the win. For the year, Malvern only gave up 13 TDs and on average about 186 yards a game. When opposing teams only gain 3.4 yards per carry they are going to be forced to throw. That did not work too well either. Opposing QBs only completed 45% of their passes and got picked off 15 times. The pick parade was led by QB/DB Doug Borgerson with 6, followed by Josh Gulbrandsen and Brendan Nicholas with 2. Derrick, Steve Gal, Mike Pinto, Eric Daciw and Mike Trevisan chipped in with 1 each. For the record, the 2018 team leads with 20 picks in a season. Doug’s 6 picks in a season ties him for second all-time with Jordan Majors and John Nassib. DJ Driscoll leads the pack with 7. Jim Keaveney led the sack parade for the 1995 squad with 4½ for the year. He had an ESPN type moment in the league clinching win over Haverford School. Jim got his own paragraph in the newspaper description of the game. I had to include it because I have never seen such an in depth description of one play. Here goes- “Late in the 3rd quarter Malvern’s Jim Keaveney came up with the game’s best defensive play. As Fords quarterback Jim David rolled out to pitch the ball, Keaveney knifed through the line, grabbed the quarterback, swatted the ball out of his hand, scooped it up and rumbled 17 yards for a touchdown and a 35-0 lead”. He is a defensive lineman. He did not “sprint” or “dash” to the goal line, of course he “rumbled”. Great play Jim!


Where do I start. Is it Thunder and Lightning? That the team averaged 32 points a game? 367 yards of total offense per game? Doug Borgerson 20+ yards per completion (chunker)? Dave O’Brien’s 26 yards per catch (chunker)? Multiple 100 yard games by Toby, Derrick and Joe? Thunder and Lightning with over 1600 combined yards rushing and a total of 22 TDs?

The skill on this team was good. I mean ridiculously, really good. Doug at QB, Toby and Derrick at RB, as Toby states, the human wrecking machine Joe Nangle at FB, and Dave O’Brien at TE. WOWSER. So many weapons. Each and every guy could hurt you and throughout the season they did. Derrick 7.5 yards a carry (honorable mention chunker),Toby 8.8 yards a carry (chunk status), Joe 6.1 yards a carry and Doug at a gaudy 10.7 (chunker). If you give each guy a carry you have 3 first downs and 32 yards of rushing on 4 attempts .Yeah, I would probably do that. Took the O a few games to unleash it against some early tough defenses but you knew something special was brewing. In the opener Doug goes 6-9 and a TD pass to Derrick. Toby scores twice. Against Henderson, the team rushes for 272 yards. Derrick rushes for 135 and two scores. Then came Chest-Mont power Downingtown. If you ring up 34 on a D’town team you know something is about to explode. In the previous year Downingtown lost in the state final, ONLY went 8-3 in 1995 ( ranked 6th in SEPA) and won the state title in 1996. That is a pretty good three year run. They had Dan Ellis at QB( Pennsylvania player of the year in 1996) and Arlen Harris (future NFL’er at RB). If you are a fan of local high school football you know exactly how good those two players were. The box score showcased what was going to happen the rest of the year and illustrated why these guys were so dangerous across the board. Opponents were in real trouble. In the game the Friars rang up 418 yards of offense and it broke down something like this- Borgey was 7-11 for 171 yards and 2 TDs, one to O’Brien and one to Downs (Chris also had a rush TD). Booker rushed for 109 yards and 2 TDs. On the day Dave caught 4 balls for 62 yards. I think when D coordinators saw the stats for this game they started to say “uh-oh”. Next up was a methodical 19-8 revenge win over Loyola. The Friars racked up 390 yards over all and pounded out 277 of them on the ground. The distribution of yard follows a distinct pattern. Derrick had 85, Toby 76, Joe with 65 and Doug with 51. Oh yeah, and Dave O’Brien caught a TD pass. Now I can see why Gamp said he would wish this team on any coach just once in a career.

Then the flood gates opened and the hammer came down. Over the remaining 6 games the Friars topped the 40 mark 5 times. The average score in Inter-Ac play was 41 to 11. That is a bit of the offense and defense coming together, don’t you think? In the GA game MP rushed for 335 yards as Nangle and Downs score twice and Booker once. Sound familiar, again? The Friars clinched the league title with a decisive 48-12 win over the Haverford School. Haverford School got the bright idea to load the box and dare MP to throw. Bad idea. I guess they thought Doug couldn’t throw? Bad idea. On the year Doug only threw 61 times because Malvern didn’t have to. I mean, would you throw if you could turn around and hand the ball to 2 guys called Thunder and Lightning and a guy called the human wrecking machine? So how did the strategy work? Doug was 5 for 6 for 178 yards and 3 TDs- one each to Downs, O’Brien and all-purpose wideout Mike Trevisan. Another completion to Dave O’Brien set up the 1st TD, a Joe Nangle 5 yard run. Doug put an exclamation point on his banner day with a 3rd quarter 72 yard TD scamper. Game over and another title for the Friars. The bow was put on this perfect season with a TG 40-7 romp over Carroll. How do you think the box score looked? Nangle 98 yards 1TD, Downs 45 yards 1TD, Booker 114 yards 1 TD, Borgerson 46 yards 2 TDs, one run and one pass. Guess who had the receiving TD? Dave O’Brien, of course. Could this undefeated year finish any other way?


As if he wasn’t busy enough being a receiver and defensive back, multi-talented Mike Trevisan handled the punting duties. As you might imagine with this team, Mike was not very busy at all. Malvern only punted 14 times on the year but Mike had a very solid 32.6 yard average. The leading punter in the area averaged 34.7 yard per kick. In comparison it looks like Mike’s punting was pretty spot on. On the other hand, kicker Ryan McFadden was very busy. On the year he split the uprights 32 times. Didn’t kick any field goals. Didn’t need to.


You don’t rack up 2800 yards rushing, 3600 yards of total offense and average 32 points a game without the big boys up front. Shout out to my big skill fatties- Tackles Jim Woodward, Rob Moser and John Heavens, guards Steve Galczenski and Marlon Miller and center Dom Cusano. I mean 7.7 yards a rush over 10 games? Really?? That means on average, most times you are looking at 2nd down and 2-3 yards to go. That puts a ton of pressure on opposing defenses. You do not reach that very gawdy figure without some road graders up front. Props to honorary big fatty TE Dave O’Brien. When he was not blocking, Dave accounted for almost 50% of Borgerson’s passing yards and made the opposing defenses pay dearly every time he caught the ball.


And as I will do with all the highlighted teams, one last roll call of the seniors in their very special season.

Brendan Nicholas, Dave O’Brien, Derrick Downs, Ryan McFadden, Scott Pomante, Doug Borgerson, Toby Booker, Bob Jordan, Joe Nangle, Pete Loveless, Peter Flick, Matt Riley, Steve Galczenski, Rob Moser, Mike Pinto, John Heavens, Brooks McDonald, Ted Wing, Mike Trevisan, Jim Keaveney.



FINAL 1995

FINAL 1995
FINAL 1995
Rank Team Record
1 Malvern Prep 10-0
2 Glen Mills 9-1
3 Plymouth Whitemarsh 13-1
4 LaSalle 11-2
5 CB West 10-2
6 Downingtown 8-3
7 Spring Ford 10-0
8 WC East 9-2
9 George Washington 11-1
10 Cheltenham 10-2

Your hard work paid off. You will never forget this season. And as Toby said “one of Malvern’s greatest teams”.

Yes, you were.

Brothers forever


I want to thank Toby Booker and Steve Galczenski for digging into their archives of information on the team and sending it to me. It was a huge help in completing this tribute. Nice to see that years later the Captains are still stepping up.

More to come……………


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Malvern Prep Football

From the Malvern Archives


April 2021

Malvern Prep Football

From the Malvern Archives


April 2021

Malvern Prep Football Casey's Corner

From the Malvern Archives


March 2021

Malvern Prep Football Casey's Corner

From the Malvern Archives


March 2021

Malvern Prep Football

From the Malvern Archives


February 2021

Malvern Prep Football

From the Malvern Archives


February 2021

Malvern Prep Football

From the Malvern Archives


January 2021

Malvern Prep Football

From the Malvern Archives


January 2021


What a crazy year it was. In August there wasn’t a coaching staff in Southeast Pennsylvania that thought they would even get one game in this season. The Friars were able to get four games in and had laid the groundwork for an excellent 2020 campaign. Since Ted Silary’s website ( no longer list team pages, one of my part time endeavors is to create and archive team pages. Congrats to the Friars for an undefeated season and for making memories out of a challenging year. For the seniors I promise that you will never forget your senior season. Settle in, grab a cup of coffee and take a look at the 2020 Season in Review. This will be a long one.

Hope I did not miss anyone who was recognized with post season honors. Please let me know at so I can edit the archives.

Thanks to Coach Gueriera for sending the stats along.

Final Record
Final Record
4-0 Overall
111 PF, 28 PA
Coach, Dave Gueiera
Salesianum W 35 0
Hun School W 10 8
Valley View W 38 6
Arch. Wood W 28 14
26 Isaiah Wright 12-52 19-66 13-132 16-87 60-337
10 Lonnie White 2-5 5-89 7-94
17 Yaahdir Nash 6-16 3-12 3-25 12-53
5 Steve Rose 6-10 X X 6-10
11 Bryce Pippin 1-1 1-9 2-10
43 Mike Joyce 3- -4 3- -4
15 Jack Capaldi 3-9 3- -16 2-6 3-1 11-0
X Center Snap 1- -3 2- -47 2- -44 5- -94
32-81 27-67 21-125 26-133 104-406
15 Jack Capaldi 11-15 10-20 7-9 8-19 36-63
214 (3) 128 170 (3) 132 644 (6)
10 Lonnie White 6-152 4-41 4-115 3-61 17-369
14 Ryan Falkenstein 3-52 2-34 5-86
1 Kellen Mathias 1-9 1-30 2-45 4-84
3 Andrew Connolly 2-38 1-3 1-12 4-53
4 D'Angelo Stocker 1-14 2-14 3-28
40 Jake Brownley 1-21 1-21
26 Isaiah Wright 1-2 1-2
5 Steven Rose 1-1 1-1
10 Lonnie White 12 0 12 12 36
26 Isaiah Wright 8 6 6 6 26
40 Jake Brownley 6 0 6 6 18
12 Jake Reid 1 4 6 4 15
35 Joe Walheim 2 0 6 0 8
3 Andrew Connolly 6 0 0 0 6
16 Andrew Monteith 0 0 2 0 2
Scoring Breakdown
Scoring Breakdown
10 Lonnie White 2 4
26 Isaiah Wright 4 1
40 Jake Brownley 1 2
12 Jake Reid 9
35 Joe Walheim 1
3 Andrew Connolly 1 1
16 Andrew Monteith 2
15 Jake Capaldi (6)
40 Jack Brownley 1 2 1
10 Lonnie White 2 1
6 Aiden Catania 2
56 Luke Gueriera 1
26 Isaiah Wright 1
35 Joe Walheim 1
1 Kellen Mathias 1
4 D'Angelo Stocker 1
2020 Malvern Prep Friars Roster
2020 Malvern Prep Friars Roster
CAPTAINS- Kellan Mathias and Jake Brownley
2021 1 Kellen Mathias OLB/WR 6'2 200
2021 2 Jack Mulqueen WR/DB 5'10 170
2022 3 Andrew Connolly WR 6'2 195
2022 4 D'Angel Stocker DB/WR 5'10 165
2021 5 Steven Rose, Jr DB/RB 5'11 190
2021 6 Aidan Catania LB/H 5'10 195
2021 7 Ronan Swope P/K 5'11 160
2023 8 Brett Kauffman QB 6'0 160
2021 9 Cooper Frankenheimer DB/WR 5'10 185
2021 10 Lonnie White QB/WR/DB 6'3 215
2023 11 Bryce Pippin QB 6'2 190
2022 12 Jake Reid K 6'2 195
2022 15 Jack Capaldi QB 6'2 190
2021 16 Andrew Monteith K 5'10 140
2023 17 Yaahdir Nash RB/DB 5'9 165
2022 18 Dale Law DL/LB/H 6'1 210
2021 19 Owen McHugh WR/OLB 5'10 175
2022 20 GJ Sucher DB 5'8 160
2022 21 Ryan Davis LB 6'1 205
2022 22 Sam Brecker WR/DB 5'9 155
2022 23 Hayden Kennedy WR 5'11 170
2021 24 Thomas Klusarits DB 5'9 160
2021 25 Peter Sims DB/WR 5'10 180
2022 26 Isaiah Wright RB/DB 5'8 175
2022 27 Jayln Evans LB/RB 5'9 177
2023 28 Sean Maguire LB/H 6'1 190
2021 29 Jack Steinmetz RB/DB 5'8 170
2023 30 AJ Nikolic LB 6'0 170
2022 31 Steven Hollander DB/RB 5'10 160
2023 32 Bobby Mears LB/RB 6'3 190
2022 34 Robert DiFabio DB/WR 5'10 170
2021 35 Joe Walheim TE/DE 6'4 200
2022 36 Jack Walters DL/OL 5'9 170
2022 37 Brecklan Lotz H/DL 5'10 195
2023 39 Hayden Pegg LB/TE 6'2 155
2021 40 Jake Brownley LB/TE 6'2 201
2021 42 Mike Behrle LB 5'10 180
2022 43 Mike Joyce RB/LB 6'0 180
2023 44 Andrew Phillips DE/TE 6'3 210
2023 45 Tyson McGee WR/DB 6'2 155
2023 48 Chris Rabena OL/LB 5'10 165
2022 50 Chance Steele DL 5'8 215
2022 51 Coltin Deery OL/DL 6'4 275
2023 52 Colin McHugh H/LB 6'0 185
2021 55 Jack Oswald DL 6'0 195
2022 56 Luck Gueriera DL/LB 5'6 170
2022 57 Will Shallow OL/DL 6'1 235
2022 58 Dan Gazillo OL/DL 5'11 190
2022 59 Lawson Haylock DL 6'0 230
2022 64 Matthew Morrissey OL 5'10 215
2021 65 Christian Curatolo OL 6'4 285
2022 66 Aidan McGuigan OL/DL 6'1 260
2022 67 Danny Mendler OL/DL 5'8 210
2023 68 J.C. Catania OL/DL 5'4 155
2022 69 Max Bowman OT/DL 6'6 290
2023 73 Hunter Jones TE/DL 5'11 175
2023 75 Kevin Miller OL 6'4 290
2023 76 Cam Paquette WR/DB 5'7 150
2024 77 Peter Jones OL 6'5 265
2022 80 Jack Onderdonk WR 6'0 150
2021 82 Matt Behrle QB 5'10 170
2023 83 Jake Buzin LS/TE/DL 6'3 185
2023 84 Conner Boyle WR/DB 5'11 150
2022 89 Brian Ciarlone P 5'11 179
2023 90 Michael McGrory LB/H 5'9 160
2023 14 Ryan Falkenstein WR/DB 6'0 190
2022 33 Ryan Aquilani OLB 5'11 165
2023 38 Luke Testa RB/LB 6'1 185
2023 41 Anthony Pizzi WR/DB 5'4 130
2023 46 Xander Little DE/TE 6'1 176
2023 47 Aiden Naughton TE/DE 6'3 180
2023 49 Kevin Jackson DB 5'8 155
2023 53 Nick Stinger OL/DL 5'10 190
2023 54 Robert Prince OL/DL 5'10 190
2023 60 William Adolph WR/DB 5'8 155
2023 62 Carter Hilton-Landon OL/DL 5'8 165
2023 63 Matthew Tsiaras QB/DB 5'10 160
2023 70 Ryan McLaughlin WR/DB 5'9 145
2023 71 Matt Tegler OL/DL 6'0 215
2023 72 Patrick Mears TE/LB 5'10 160
2023 74 Patrick Kennan OL/DL 5'10 170
2023 78 Justin Puhl OL 5'10 215
2024 79 Lucca DiBartolomeo WR 5'10 150
2023 81 Kevin Clark WR/DB 5'10 165
2022 85 Andy Consolino WR/DB 5'11 140
2023 86 Dillon O'Connor WR/DB 5'8 150
2023 87 Jake Stinger WR/DB 6'2 160
2022 88 Cadeon Shockley WR/DB 6'2 160



1st Team- Lonnie White, Jr ATH, Coltin Deery OL, Jake Brownley LB, Isaiah Wright RB

2nd Team- Christian Curatolo OL, Kellen Matthias LB, Jack Capaldi QB Honorable Mention- D’Angelo Stocker DB, Ryan Davis LB, Aidan Catania LB


Lonnie White, Jr.


1st Team- Coltin Deery OL, Lonnie White, Jr. ATH,

2nd Team- Ronan Swope Punter, Jack Reid Kicker


CO-PLAYER OF THE YEAR- Lonnie White, Jr.

1st Team- Coltin Deery OL, Lonnie White, Jr. ATH,

2nd Team- Jake Brownley LB


PLAYER OF THE YEAR- Lonnie White, Jr.

1st team- Jack Capaldi QB, Coltin Deery OL, Isaiah Wright, ATH, Jake Brownley, LB, D’Angelo Stocker, DB, Rona Swope, Punter

2nd Team- Christian Curatolo-OL, Ryan Davis LB

Honorable Mention- Kellen Mathias LB, Aiden Catania LB


This year’s team averaged close to 28 points a game. The offense was ably led by Junior signal caller Jack Capaldi. Jack became an honorable mention Chunk Player by averaging a healthy 17.8 yards per completion and was on pace for a 1500-1600 yard passing season.

Isaiah Wright led the ground game with 337 yards and 4 TDs. Isiah is coming back next year too. With Jack and Isiah back, that is a nice one-two punch.

Lonnie White, Jr. became a two-time Chunk Player in two different positions. I believe that is a first. Last year as a QB he ran for 1065 yards at 8.4 yards a clip. With 17 catches for 369 yards this year as a receiver Lonnie ONLY averaged 21.7 per catch. Double Chunk!

There have been some very good athletes that have played sports at Malvern Prep. Then there are some athletes that come along every once and awhile who are special. I believe Lonnie White, Jr. is one of them. The core to the success of Malvern’s overall sports programs has been the multisport athlete. Many Malvern students excel at 2 sports. When you get a player who can excel at 3 sports, that is a whole other level. These are athletes that are true game changers. In his football career at MP Lonnie was a multi position player who significantly contributed on offense, defense and special teams. His offensive career stats look like this:

Rushing- 164- 1221 yards and 17 TDs – His four year average of 7.4 yards per carry makes him an honorable mention career Chunk Player

Receiving- 50-903- yards and 9 TDs- an honorable mention career Chunk player at 18.1 yards a catch. If he had a 10 game schedule this year he may have become Malvern’s first 1000 yard receiver in a season. Joe Price ’08 currently holds the season yardage record at 939 yards.

Passer- 55-130- 859 yards and 10 TDs.

Totals- 2,983 career yards and he was responsible for 37* TDs. Not to be outdone he also had a punt return for a TD. To put this in perspective, every time Lonnie had the ball in his hands, MP averaged 11 yards per play. The fact that he almost gained 1000 career yards of offense in 3 categories is a remarkable statistic. Safe to assume he would have gained at least 97 yards receiving this year if 10 games were played. Maybe Coach Gueriera throws in a couple of passes this year and he would have hit 1000 yards in passing. Based on the above statistics it is not too far of a reach to think Lonnie would have been the Inter Ac MVP in 2020,.

And to think he decommitted from a Power Five baseball offer to play football at Penn State! Not many athletes have the ability to play two sports in college let alone two sports at a very high Division 1 level. Lonnie is just that kind of player. His future career may even take another turn depending on the upcoming Major League baseball draft. You heard it correctly. He could have the opportunity to play Major League baseball. It will be interesting to follow and find out. Congrats to Lonnie, one on Malvern’s all-time best 3 sport athletes and certainly one of its “Chunkiest Players” in football.

One last note with an offensive average of 27.7 points per game and a defensive average of 7, the 2020 team also joins previous teams on the “Beat the Spread” list. Great job all around


Ted Silary’s Team Page only includes interceptions. Coach Gueriera provided me all the defensive stats for the year and I will archive them. Even though I did not post I will still talk about defense, defense, defense. The Malvern D turned in another typical Malvern D performance. Led by DC Joe Carr, this squad only gave up a total of 28 points in 4 games. This would qualify them for the Touchdown Club, highlighted in a previous article. I had the privilege of working with Joe Carr when he was at West Chester Rustin. Malvern has one of the best defensive coordinators in the area.

First off, the stat that really stuck out was 14 interceptions in only 4 games? I had to contact Coach Gueriera to see if that was correct. I thought it was a misprint. Digging into the MP Team Page archives the team record over an entire season was 20 set by the 2018 undefeated squad. Those 20 picks were over 11 games. The next closest was the 2013 squad that had 17. Both the 2001 and 2011 teams had 15 apiece. Would have been interesting to see what this defense could have done over a 10 or 11 game schedule. The pick parade was led by Jake Brownley with 4 and Lonnie White, Jr. with 3. Jake had two pick sixes and fellow senior Joe Walheim added another. The school record for an individual is 7 picks set by DJ. Driscoll in 2001. Of note, DJ is a Wall of Famer who went on to play lacrosse in college. Great job Jake and Lonnie and Joe. You will be missed.

The rush defense gave up very stingy 3 yards a carry. Tough to move the ball when you are only getting 3 yards a clip on the ground. This set up many 2nd and 3rd and longs, playing right into the defense’s hand. When the opponents had to pass, they barely completed 50% of them. The opponents threw 115 times in 4 games. That means every 8th throw was picked off by the boys in blue.. That is impressive.

Double digit tacklers were led by Jake Brownley. Jake was ably supported by Ryan Davis, Aidan Catania, Kellen Matthias, Dale Law, Coltin Deery, D’Angelo Stocker and Cooper Frankenheimer. Jake completed his defensive tri-fecta by not only leading the team in interceptions and tackles but also in sacks. Jake, Aidan, Kellen, and Cooper all graduate. Ryan, Dale, Coltin and D’Angelo are back and will provide a great base for Joe Carr’s defense next year.


Senior Ronan Swope punted 13 times and was a field changer with every punt. Junior Jake Reid, a major college kicking prospect, contributed 21 points on 2 field goals and 15 point after tries. His long field goal was a hefty 44 yards. Jake’s field goal against The Hun School was the game winner in a tough 10-8 nail biter. He had more than 60% of his kickoffs going deep into the end zone. Thump and lift are two things you want your kicker to have. You can actually hear a good kick without watching it. If the extra points consistently clear the top of the goal post it shows the kicker has great lift to his kick. Jake checks off both of those boxes big time.

Kick offs can have a roller coaster of results. Knowing your guy can get you a touchback most of the time puts the opponent in an immediate hole and provides a big advantage to the defense. It forces the opponent to go 80 yards and have to execute a near perfect drive. You do not want to give a Joe Carr coached defense that kind of edge. Jake Reid will be a very reliable weapon next year.


With the utmost respect I call offensive and defensive linemen my big fatties. We often talk about the runners, the receivers and the quarterback as the skill players who make it all happen. Well, as a former lineman no team is successful without the BIG SKILL up front. Round of applause to my fellow fatties- Christian Curatolo, Coltin Deery, Tom Shallow, Aiden McGuigan, Kevin Miller, Peter Jones, Dale Law and Joe Walheim. If I am looking at the roster correctly, only Christian and Joe graduate. That’s a ton of big skill coming back.


To that end, one last Roll Call

Kellen Mathias, Jack Mulqueen, Stephen Rose Jr., Aiden Catania, Ronan Swope, Cooper Frankenheimer, Lonnie White, Jr., Andrew Monteith, Owen McHugh, GJ Sucher, Thomas Klusartis, Peter Sims, Jack Steinmetz, Joe Walheim, Jake Brownley, Mike Behrle, Jack Oswald, Christian Curatolo, Matt Behrle.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You finished 4-0. Since the rest of the Inter Ac refused to play you, I count 5 forfeits and a 9-0 record. You guys hung together through the ups and downs of the day to day and week to week uncertainty. It would have been easy to just mail it in or quit, but you guys did neither. Your strength and your resolve are to be commended. The experience this football season will serve you well as you move on in life. You played hard to the very end and defended the “M”. As a former player and speaking on behalf of all the players who came before you, we thank you for carrying on the great tradition of Malvern Football. You are now officially a Malvern Football Alum. Welcome aboard.

Brothers forever.


As we move through future articles I will be working my way through and highlighting different teams. In no particular order I will be writing about undefeated/unbeaten teams and teams with one and two losses. Getting information on the teams of the 50s and 60s will be a challenge but I will give it a shot. I know it will keep me busy and there will be more than enough teams to talk about.

In the Inter Ac period from 1950 through 2020, 71 years, MP has lost two games or less a total of 36 times. Let that stat sink in. How many teams in Southeast Pennsylvania can hang their hat on that kind of consistent excellence? Congrats to all the players and coaches who have represented the Malvern Prep Friars.

More to come……………


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